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Running Tips for New Years Resolutions with Dr. Saltzman

IU Health specialist, Dr. Bryan Saltzman discusses tips for cardio in the new year

IU Health was proud to have Dr. Bryan Saltzman on Queen City News this past Saturday, January 21, 2023. Dr. Saltzman, knee specialist and head physician for UNCC, sat down with Kaci Jones to discuss the benefits and tips for running in the new year.

Some of the tips included:

  • Running is free and you can do it from anywhere!
  • Cardio provides great mental and physical benefits, better sleep, less stress, and a decreased chance of diabetes
  • The World Health Organization recommends 150-300 minutes a week of cardio, intermixed with strength
  • Technology is a good way to track your progress and monitor overtime
  • Start small when starting cardio and build-up
  • Make sure you stretch before and after your workout
  • Having the correct equipment such as supportive shoes and dry clothes is key

For more information, watch the full interview here!

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