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Between the Bones Episode 8: ACL Tears and Subsequent Reconstruction with Dr. Bryan Saltzman

ACL Tears and Subsequent Reconstruction with Dr. Bryan Saltzman

When you hear “ACL injury” or “ACL tear,” your mind probably goes to your favorite sports team or a specific injured player. You may know that the ACL is located in the knee and can be torn, but not much else.

Dr. Bryan Saltzman is an orthopedic surgeon at IU Health specializing in adolescent and adult knee, shoulder, and elbow surgery. In this episode of the Between the Bones Podcast, host Adam Walker and Dr. Saltzman talk about the specifics of the ACL: Where is it? How does it tear?

The two also discuss the details of the surgery, how physical therapy ties into healing, and average recovery times.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How an ACL tears
  • How ACL injuries occur… and they’re not just from sports!
  • The treatment process for an ACL tear
  • What the recovery from an ACL reconstruction surgery is like
  • Why Dr. Saltzman considers ACL reconstruction an elective surgery

Featured Voices

Dr. Bryan Saltzman:

Bryan M. Saltzman
Bryan M. Saltzman is an orthopedic physician specializing in cartilage restoration, knee, shoulder, elbow, and sports medicine at IU Health.

A glance at the episode…

[2:40]: How does an ACL get torn?

[5:12]: The next steps after you realize an ACL tear has occurred and prehabilitation

[7:53]: What happens after the reconstruction surgery

[10:06]: After surgery; the long-term prognosis for getting back moving

[12:37]: How Dr. Saltzman works in tandem with physical therapists during the rehabilitation period

[14:37]: How fear, psychology, and mental strength are related to recovery

[15:46]: Why, for some patients, ACL reconstruction surgery is an elective procedure

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